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MBTI & Youth For Change

Youth For Change

Our meeting this week had a Temple Alumni – Sonia Blount come speak about her organization Youth For Change. It’s a great program that helps children in the Philadelphia area gain skills and education through fun learning programs. TUSHRM is actively involved in Youth For Change and you can get in contact with Sonia or Jackie, our Community Relations Director, for more information about volunteering.

This is a great way to get involved in the community while making a positive impact for the children you will be working with. You can watch Sonia’s whole presentation in the Meeting Videos.

If you have not received your Members Only password, contact Adriana (

Contact Sonia Blount: (267) 587 7242
Facebook: Youth For Change Philly

Instagram: Youth For Change
Twitter: Youth For Change

This weeks meeting helped analyzed the results of your MBTI test. The ability to accurately assess oneself and others is an essential interpersonal and leadership skill. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an internationally recognized instrument that identifies preferences and personality types and provides insights into workplace behaviors.

The MBTI has been used as the definitive tool to explore the relationship between personality type and workplace behaviors. This is the most widely used personality indicator instrument in the world. You can access the PowerPoint in the Members Only section where you can view the description of your personality results.

You can take the MBTI test here to gauge what personality type you are.


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