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Temple University Society for Human Resource Management

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Officer Descriptions

President will serve as the chapter chief executive officer. Establishes chapter goals and objectives, works with Faculty Advisor, Deputy Advisor, and other officers to accomplish them; presides and sets agendas for all meetings; oversees committees and chapter functions, works closely with each officer; serves as a liaison between national, regional, and student SHRM chapter; work with other parties and organizations in the Fox School of Business. Responsible for Annual Reports, succession planning and assisting in banquet planning. Must schedule officer meetings and create officer and general body meeting agendas (with optional PowerPoint slide). President will also be responsible for fielding any concerns or suggestions of members. Must Attend College Council Meetings.

VP of Communications will be responsible for overseeing and approving all that goes on the website, Facebook page, and Twitter page. Additional duties will revolve around communicating within the organization and outside of the organization through brochures, flyers, flat screens in Alter etc. Also, this person will be in charge of the e-portfolios for HRM Department. As part of being in charge of the e-portfolios, this person will offer a student developed workshop on creating e-portfolios to be available to SHRM members and/or HRM students. They will also create a database to be available to employers where the HRM student e-portfolios are listed. The VP of Communications will be responsible for the IT Director and Public Relations Director. This person will spearhead open houses to inspire students to join SHRM. The VP of Communications will play an active role in fundraising, helping the organization reach its goal of raising $500 by March 31, 2014. This person will also be the liaison between Ambler and Main Campus SHRM.

VP of Programming will be responsible for organizing and implementing all of SHRM’s programs. This person promotes an active relationship with Philly SHRM.  Also, this person encourages SHRM members to attend at least one internal/external workshop per month, including Philly SHRM events and other Philadelphia workshops, etc. (This would include speakers, workshops, social events including banquet and community service events.) This person will also be responsible for developing relationships with local community partners and plan volunteer events. The Community Relations Director will also be responsible for committing SHRM Chapter to at least one large community relationship project/year, and following through on coordinating this for our members.  This person should also communicate with our partner SPO, Net Impact, for community events. VP of Programming would be responsible for Corporate Relations Director (CSPD) and Student Relations Director

Secretary will be responsible for taking meeting minutes for officer and general body meeting, creating and distributing attendance sheets during meetings, and forwarding a copy of attendance to professors for extra credit.  Distribute the minutes to the website under members/officers only by sending information to other officers. Also, the Secretary is responsible for compiling all necessary information for the Merit Award application, for advising the chapter on ways to better reach Merit Award goals. This person will also be responsible for attending TSG meetings. This person will report to the President and both Vice Presidents.

Treasurer will be responsible for setting budgets and monitoring SHRM’s overall finances. Treasurer is responsible for collecting, tracking, and depositing member dues, maintain records of all transactions via excel document, and monitor monthly spending.  This person will also be responsible for communicating with National SHRM representatives and submitting all the applications for the National SHRM membership. Must also work with Temple Student Government for funding and coordinate with president to develop budget. Will work closely with Banquet planners (Spring semesters) to budget costs and promote sponsorship. Responsible for contributing fundraising ideas to the TU SHRM leaders and tracking and emailing Allocation points forms to College Council.  Treasurer oversees the allocations spreadsheet for the year and will report to the President and both Vice Presidents.

IT Director will be responsible for updating and maintaining as the primary duty of the position. This includes updating website announcements on a weekly basis and keeping the website functional and concurrent with the goals of TUSHRM. If needed, assist with Twitter or Facebook updates if VP of Communications if unable to perform duties. Implement a PayPal system so students can have easier access to paying their dues while allowing the Treasurer to keep better track of members. Help students understand the importance of highlighting their e-portfolios while working with the VP of Communications to integrate them into Finally, improve the Members Only page to make it more attractive to paying members.

Public Relations Director will be responsible for creating and distributing monthly newsletters and creating and sending e-mails to all members with weekly meeting information. Send out an email to put announcements on Fox den announcements by Friday at 12pm. Assist with marketing of SHRM through print sources (i.e. poster boards, brochures, pamphlets, etc.). This person will also be responsible for promoting awareness, increasing membership, and handling the membership point system. In charge of working with VP, Student Relations Director and Treasurer to brainstorm and order giveaways (i.e. t-shirt design, membership rewards, SPO Fair). This person will primarily report to VP of Communications.

Corporate Relations Director/ CSPD Liaison will be responsible for communicating and scheduling speakers for general body meetings. Responsible for brainstorming topics, sending confirmation letters two weeks prior to visit, and sending one week reminder with directions and other relevant information. This person must welcome the speakers as they arrive to their scheduled meetings. Send out paper or electronic thank you letters within 48hrs and keep in contact with professionals in the HR field. Also, send out mass end of the semester thank you to all speakers. This person will also organize corporate visits for SHRM members to attend in order to meet merit award requirements.  This person is also responsible for also maintain relationship with CSPD office and informing members of activities/opportunities from the CSPD office (i.e. internships, jobs, professional development) and primarily report to VP of Programming.

Community Relations Director work with the Treasurer, Student Relations Director and Public Relations Director to plan fundraisers. Communicate constantly with other officers to schedule events according to the SHRM calendar. Offer assistance with anything whenever possible. Spread the word about Temple SHRM around the community. Represent SHRM in a positive light at any volunteer events. Serve the community in the best constructive way possible. Remain upbeat about all that is SHRM and all the things the organization does/plans to do. This person will report to the VP of Programming.

Student Relations Director will be responsible for activity planning of social events for SHRM members at least once a month. Responsible for managing the SRC team which will perform the following functions: work with the treasurer to plan fundraisers, and represent SHRM at such activities as spring fling and Temple fest. This person will primarily report to VP or Programming.


  • Be enthusiastic about SHRM 
  • All responsibilities are subject to change
  • Attend all general and officer meetings
  • Member of National and Temple SHRM
  • One office hour a week
  • Must reply to e-mails within 24 hours
  • Greet new members/visitors at meetings
  • Classroom visits
  • Attend at least one social event per semester
  • Document all work in officer binder
  • Respect office, office space, officers, advisers, and members

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