All HRM majors are now required to have an e-portfolio to keep track of the points that they will acquire each semester. Read more about this points program on the points section of our site, or by clicking this link here. This page will give you instructions on how to create an e-portfolio if you are new to the process, and it will also provide instructions on how to import/export your e-portfolio into the HRM site if you have already made one for MIS. Finally, in order to start acquiring points, you need to have your E-portfolio approved. This involves “listing” your e-portfolio onto the Fox Community HRM site (instructions are listed below)!

Click here to view a step-by-step webex on how to create your eportfolio

OR follow the written instructions below:

  • Login into the Fox Community HRM Site using your TU accessnet username and password
  • Hover over sites at the top of the page and click on “create a site”
  • Enter your site name (jdoe or JaneDoe for Jane Doe)
  • Enter your site title as your first name followed by your last name (Jane Doe)
  • DO NOT change any other settings, click “create site”.
  • Complete your eportfolio with the following REQUIREMENTS:
      • Navigable Menu
      • Complete Community Profile: profile picture, profile information, and professional details
      • Page Requirements
        • Welcome Page: professional photo, academic information:  major, minor, and graduation date, and introductory paragraph that welcomes people to your website and provides a brief bio.
        • Career Objective Page
        • Resume Page with attached PDF resume. Your resume must be CSPD certified.
        • Academic History Page with relevant experience in concise or bullet format
        • Work History page – try to integrate relevant course concepts into the descriptions of your work experiences
        • Hobbies/Interests page with job-related interests and/or extracurricular activities
        • Contact Page
        • Professional Development Page – list and describe professional development activities such as: networking events, workshops, mock interview training, etc.
      • Suggested
        • Volunteer/Service Page – list and describe participation in service events
        • Pictures, logos and other ways personalize your page
    • List your eportfolio for approval so you can start accumulating points!
      • Follow this link to the HRM community site to list
      • Make sure you are logged in to the community site
      • Fill out your name, major, minor, skills, interests, graduation date, and select the e-portfolio you want listed
      • After submitting, you should receive an e-mail stating that your e-portfolio has been submitted to be approved
      • An eportfolio consultant will review your eportfolio
        • If it is not approved the consultant will send you revisions (please email them back once you have completed your revisions so that your eportfolio can be approved as soon as possible.
        • If it is approved, you will get another email stating that it has been approved and that you have been awarded 50 points for your creation of a basic portfolio.

For additional help on your eportfolio you can go to our eporfolio consultant office hours listed here.

For more information on how to use WordPress and its functions, you can click on the following Video Tutorials or Power points. (Note: The videos were meant for those creating an MIS e-portfolio; however, the layout and structure of WordPress is the same for creating pages, media, etc.)

Tutorial and samples

 Workshop Powerpoints

Need To Import/Export Your MIS E-Portfolio?

(A video tutorial demonstrating this process visually will be posted shortly)

1. You will need to log in to the MIS Community Site.
2. Go to your Dashboard (on your MIS site)
3. Click ‘Tools’ in the navigation bar on the left hand side (there will be a wrench icon next to it) and then click ‘Export’.
4. Be sure to choose ‘All Content’, and then click ‘Download Export File.’
5. A box will pop up asking you to open or save the file, you want to ‘Save’ that .xml file on to your computer
6.Log out. Then, proceed to the new HRM site and log in.
7. Create a new site, and again go under ‘Tools
8. Click ‘Import’ and upload the saved .xml file.
9. Click ‘Update’ on the right hand side to save your changes
10. You may notice that the site won’t look exactly the same as your MIS e-portfolio, so you will need to do some revision within your Dashboard to change the theme and layout around if need be. You will also likely need to re-upload some documents, pictures, etc. Make sure that all of your links are still working!
Congratulations! You have now exported your MIS portfolio and imported it into the HRM Community Site!!

Was Your E-Portfolio Not Approved?

Please note that your e-portfolio will not be listed if you do not have enough content on your site or if it is poorly formatted. You must include a professional photo of yourself, have several pages of content, your resume, relevant links and posts as well. Remember that the purpose of making one is to make you more professional and marketable! Here are some tips and common mistakes made when creating the e-portfolio and an EXAMPLE of an e-portfolio:

Common mistakes

  1. Bad or inappropriate photos.  Students should make an effort to create a professional head-shot, in proper business attire.  (These can be taken against a white wall by your roommate.)
  2. No actual resume or link to a resume posted to the site.  In many cases the link doesn’t work, and/or the resume is poorly written and formatted.  Resumes must be in the Fox School format which is available on the CSPD website.  Also,  resumes should be in PDF format, not word (which is true for any other documents posted to the site.)  If you have your picture on your resume or it has some strange formatting, your e-portfolio will be rejected.
  3. Believe it or not, many e-portfolios are submitted with no name on the site.  Some students didn’t even bother to put their name on the main page of their site, much less provide any background info, year, major etc.
  4. Inappropriate content.  This is not Facebook.  Every semester we get e-portfolios filled with pages with you tube videos of the greatest song ever…the gang skateboarding last weekend, the latest kegger, and  things of that nature.  Your e-portfolio needs to be professional.
  5. The e-portfolio site link was bad or didn’t work.  Sometimes students make them password protected (which defeats the purpose).  Other times the link takes us to another page on their site (not the main page).  It is up to you to send the right link, and make sure the reader gets to the correct landing page.  Readers won’t spend the time to figure out what the main page URL should be.
  6. The site was not formatted correctly.  Make sure you set up pages for the main assignment criteria (About Me, Resume, Career Interests, Photo/Bio, etc.)  Don’t just use posts for all of your material.  Also, messy formatting, typos, and bad grammar will cause your e-portfolio to be rejected.
  7. Menus on either side of your page that are not being used by you.  Delete the default menus if you are not going to use them.  i.e. blogroll, links etc.  If you don’t have anything in these, get rid of them.
  8. Your name should appear in at least the tagline of each page.  If someone is looking at your interests page and want to see your name they should be able to see it.
  9. If you are going to provide links to different pages/companies that you may have worked at or places you enjoy visiting, write a blurb about that place/company and then put the link.  Simply linking to another site does not give the visitor any background about why they are going to this site and what your connection is to it.