Exciting HRM Orientation

Fall 2013 HRM Orientation

Wednesday we had our orientation for all HRM majors and it was so great to meet all of you. Deanna Geddes, Chair of HRM, hosted the orientation that offered fun activities and good food for all attendees. Students also received a knapsack containing relevant information concerning changes and alternative resources concerning HRM. We had around 100 students come and interact with each other. We hope that you were able to become friends with other like-minded people. Faculty members were also sitting at every table so students could interact with their future professors.¬†Tomika, Jon, and Tara showed some very entertaining videos to give students an idea of what to expect when they start their careers.¬†Finally, we finished off the orientation with a fun team-building experience by having each table draw an abstract picture containing “HRM.”

TUSHRM had a lot of events planned for this year including community service events and activities to introduce you to more HRM students and to help you grow you network. We hope to see you again in our regular meetings because there will be even more events planned and opportunities for professional growth.


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