January, 2017

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Welcome Back!


Thank you all for coming out to our HR kick-off event! All of our TUSHRM officers are so excited for the events they have planned this semester!


Upcoming Events!

HR Majors!  Happy New Year and Welcome Back!!


Check out HRT for more information about upcoming point-worthy activities!


January 18thTU SHRM Welcome Back Open House Meeting – 5 points!

Speakman 114 12-12:50 pm


January 25thKick-Off  – 25 Points!

Speakman 114 12-12:45 pm


February 9th, 2017- Publicis Health**


(Saturday)February  11th  Inclusive Leadership Conference – 50 Points!

9-4 pm


February 15thSpring Connection – 25 Points

10-1:00 pm

Keep up with TU SHRM at tushrm.org!


**Publicis Health, one of our corporate partners, is hosting their 2nd annual professional development workshop for high achieving Temple HRM majors.


Event Description: Tour, info session, lunch, 1:1 eportfolio  resume and Linkedin profile critique


Date: February 9th 11-2:00 p.m.


Selection Criteria: Overall GPA 3.0, HRM GPA 3.25, minimum of 300 points, approved eportfolio, complete Linkedin profile.

If you meet the application criteria, please send a short email describing your interest with the links to your eportfolio and LinkedIn profiles to Professor Kathleen Voss at tuf81835@temple.edu NO LATER THAN JANUARY 24th.


Point Info: 50 points (submit a review of the event on your eportfolio under the professional development tab)