October, 2015

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Philly SHRM Mentorship Program DEADLINE 10/26


Hello SHRMers,

Philly SHRM Emerging Leaders Student Mentoring Program is back for the Fall 2015! Attached is the application for students who are interested in being mentored by Human Resources Professionals with 1-8 years of experience.
This program will be aimed at juniors and seniors who have taken at least one HR class. They are looking for students who have completed an internship or have some work experience,​​​​ but need a mentor to help guide them/prepare them for the transition between “college life” and “work life.” 
Please find the attached timeline for the program as well as the application to be a mentee. Please review the commitments and the application, and let me know if you are interested by TOMORROW. Finishthe application by Oct. 26 and send it to  phillyshrmmentoring@gmail.com upon completion. 
If you have any questions email me at jennifer.dewitt@temple.edu

Case Competition & Career Summit!

SHRM Affiliate of(1)
Hello Everyone!

As many of you know, last year we sent a team and about 10 other members to the SHRM case competition and career summit in Baltimore, Maryland and….we won (and had a blast!). Since this years competition will be held inAtlanta, Georgia, we would like to generate a list of interested members so that we can begin our fundraising preparations. Please read some of the event details listed below, and if interested, sign up on the attached google spreadsheet.


  • Date: The event will be from March 4th-6th (heads up: This is the week of Spring Break, so only sign up if you are willing and able).
  •  Cost: Currently, the cost per person will be about $500 (all inclusive: transportation, hotels, registration, and food). We intend to lower the cost per person substantially through our fundraising efforts/donations and based on the number of interested individuals that we have sign up! This is just a rough max estimate. ***Cost for members actually participating in the competition will be covered***
Requirements for Participating in Case Competition:

In order to participate in the case competition, you must also meet the following requirements. Please note that even if you do not meet these requirements or are not interested in competing, you can still attend the career summit in Atlanta.

  • Must be a junior or senior HR major (sophomores are welcomed if they have taken HRM 2501)
  • Strong presentation skills required
  • Team members will have to attend at least 3 prep sessions of up to 90 minutes each between January and March.

Sign the spreadsheet that was sent through email with your name and email if interested in attending or participating in the actual competition.

Reach out to me with any questions!


SHRM Events for the week of October 19th – 23rd


Good Morning everyone, hope you had a great weekend.

Here are the events for the week:

Wednesday, October 21st – Registration Meeting (5 Points)

This Wednesday will be just a general body meeting with upperclassmen discussing classes for next semester, the dress is casual.

CommUniversity Mock Interviews (40 Points)

Thursday November 19th TU SHRM will be assisting TUHR Director of Community Outreach and Hiring,Michael Robinson, with mock interview  for the community.

How it works?

We (Temple SHRM) will be paired along with TUHR directors and managers in a group. We will have prepared interview questions to ask the community members who attend. After three questions asked and answered by one “interviewee”, there will be a feedback session where we along with TUHR administrators will let the interviewees know their strengths and developmental opportunities.

Please Contact Jennifer DeWitt if you are interested,  jennifer.dewitt@temple.edu

Committee Reminder

Want to get involved with SHRM but think all positions are closed? Thinking about becoming an officer next year? Join a committee! Right now we have three committees available: Fundraising, Marketing and Community Service. If you are interested please contact the appropriate officers.

Marketing: Zachary Mullen, zachary.mullen@temple.edu

Community Service: Logan Brunkhurst, tuf19003@temple.edu

Fundraising: Kevin Bradley, kevin.bradley@temple.edu

GVRHRA Scholarship

First, GVFHRA is offering a scholarship of $2,000 for undergraduate HR students or other business majors who are interested in a career in HR. Below, I have attached an information sheet, as well as the scholarship application. I would strongly encourage you all to apply, as Temple students have won the award in the past!

The deadline to apply is this  Friday, October 23rd.

CommUniversity Workshop (40 Points)

Expert Job Search Tips& How to Apply for Jobs Online. Monday October 26 Interested students should meet Jennifer DeWitt, our VP of External Affairs, in the lobby of Alter at 3:30 pm to walk over to the Education and Community Entertainment Center. The workshop will last until 5:30 pm. Dress is business casual! Please contact Jennifer at  jennifer.dewitt@temple.edu with any questions.

BOO at the ZOO (10 POINTS!)
Saturday, Oct. 24th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm– We will be dressing up and handing out candy to children at the Philadelphia Zoo. Mark your calendars! We will be sending out more details as the event approaches.

Other Events:

Be sure to start creating your e-portfolios, so you can start to keep track of your HRM professional achievement points! Stop by any of the e-portfolio committee’s office hours in Room A333c for help creating or exporting one from MIS. Instructions are also listed on our website @ http://tushrm.org/points/e-portfolios/

To apply for a SHRM membership, you can fill out an application and bring it to our SHRM general body meetings or to Alter 333C. Membership dues are $30 for a semester or $50 for a year and you will get National SHRM membership. It can be cash or a check made out to Temple SHRM. There will be applications at all events or you can get it at Alter 333C. Please contact Phuong Nguyen at phuong.nguyen@temple.edu with any questions.

**Non-members can still attend meetings and different events, except for  members only events and lunch with speakers.**

Speaker Ideas

Have any ideas for speakers you would like to see come in and talk to SHRM? Email Ryan Colomy atryan.colomy@temple.edu with any ideas you have!

Questions? TUSHRM.org, or ask any officer! Contact information is listed on our website under the “officers” tab. ​

SHRM Membership Extended

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Hello SHRMers!

This email is about SHRM membership. I know that there have been a lot of questions and concerns about membership. We have extended the due date for membership to this Wednesday, October 21st, so if you have not yet joined, this is your chance to. You can pick up an application at Alter 333C or get one from tushrm.orgMembership dues are $30 for a semester or $50 for a year and you will get National SHRM and Philly SHRM membership. It can be cash or a check made out to Temple SHRM. Applications can be handed in at our general body meeting or at Alter 333C.
If you can not hand in your application and dues by Wednesday, I will still be accepting applications. I will be sending the first round of National and Philly SHRM membership out soon. If you hand in your dues after Wednesday, you will get your National and Philly SHRM membership in January or February due to it being a long process for National SHRM to process all the applications.
I want to let everyone know that even though you are not a member, you can still come to meetings and other events that TUSHRM holds. We welcome everyone and hope that everyone comes to our meetings and events to better yourself as a professional, grow your professional network and make new friends. The only events that you will not be able to attend are the members only events or special events with speakers like lunch.
Please contact me at phuong.nguyen@temple.edu with any questions or concerns.

Philly AIDS Walk Reminder


Good Morning SHRMers!

The AIDS Walk is approaching quickly, this Sunday October 18. I want to say thank you to everyone who signed up for the AIDS walk. There is still time if you want to sign up. If you are interested please register at http://www.aidswalkphilly.org/. Once you log in, enter in the team number 5768 and TUSHRM should come up.
Here are some quick details along with some do’s and don’t’s about the day prior to the walk:
  • We are meeting at 8:00 outside Qdoba on Broad and Cecil B. Moore Ave. Please arrive on time.
  • If for some reason you are unable to make it on time, we will be getting off at the Race/ Vine subway stop and walking to the Philadelphia Art Museum. It’s about a 15 minute walk and with a big group like ours, it won’t feel that long.
  • If you cannot meet at Temple, but can still make the walk, please text or call me so that we can link up once we get to the Museum.
  • Dress in layers, it’s suppose to be chilly  ,so please keep that in mind. It’s easier to take layers off as the weather gets warmer, as opposed to putting on layers that you do not have.
  • Please wear a Temple Shirt we want to look like we are in a group.
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Call/text me with ANY questions/comments/concerns!
  • Be late!!!!
  • Forget to have fun! This is an event to raise money for research, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while doing it.
  • Worry if you can’t finish the walk. Once MLK Drive has cleared for most of the Walkers, a bus will pick up any Walkers who aren’t able to complete the 5K.
Again thank you to everyone who signed up!
My cell phone number is 717-926-1784
I look forward to seeing you there!