SHRM Events for the Week of February 15th – 19th


Good evening everyone, hope you had a great day today and are staying warm out there.

Here are the events for the week:

Wednesday, February 17th – Target

This Wednesday Parker Dunbar and Lee Martin from Target will be joining us to discuss holding others accountable in the workplace. The meeting will be held in our usual room, Speakman 114, please dress business casual.

February 22nd, HR Metrics Philly SHRM Event

Fox professor Mike Guglielmo will be speaking about the topic of HR Metrics at this upcoming Philly SHRM Event. It will take place from5:308:30 pm at the Aramark Tower.

“Top 10 Reasons Why People Leave Their Jobs”

The secret to successful employee retention is to maintain awareness of an employee’s feelings, attitudes, and perceptions. This article will describe how an HR Manager can properly assess employees to ensure they are satisfied with their jobs to maximize retention and engagement. click the link below to learn more!

Interested in what SHRM has to offer?

Here is a list of some of our membership benefits:

  • affiliation with 3 chapters: Temple SHRM, Philly SHRM, and National SHRM (where you’ll get exclusive access to National SHRM’s website, articles, magazine, and various discounts on events and merchandise)
  • professional development
  • networking opportunities through speakers and Philly SHRM events
  • the opportunity to participate on committees and help plan events (resume builder)
  • admission to the HRM Banquet and Awards Ceremony
  • admittance to member’s only SHRM events
  • access to member’s only section of our website for scholarship/internship postings
  • officer and other leadership opportunities to build your resume
  • opportunities to gain points through participation in various events
  • chances to grow your social network; meet lifelong friends in your field!
  • receive a free merchandise

To apply for a SHRM membership, you can fill out the attached application and either bring it to our meetings or bring to our office in Room A333c along with your membership dues. Membership dues are $30 for a semester and $50 for a year. Year membership includes National SHRM membership and Temple SHRM membership, unlike the semester membership is only for Temple SHRM. You can also find the application on our website @ or as an attachment of this email. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, February 17, 2016.

Questions?, or ask any officer! Contact information is listed on our website under the “officers” tab. ​

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